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The Canadian College of English Language (CCEL) is pleased to announce its initiatives to raise funds for Room To Read Canada (R2R) to help provide education opportunities for underprivileged children in developing countries. Beginning January 1, 2005, with each new student enrolled at CCEL in Vancouver, a donation will be made to Room To Read Canada. Additionally, CCEL will encourage its students to get involved with other fundraising initiatives as a way to integrate their newly learned language skills into the local culture and to further raise funds for R2R, which will be matched by the college. The school’s fundraising target for 2005 is $15,000, which will go towards building a school in Sri Lanka, one of the regions hardest hit by the Tsunami and one of the developing countries that Room To Read currently supports. Students contributing towards fundraising for R2R in 2005 will be recognized on the CCEL website.Established in 1991, CCEL is one of the largest English Language Colleges in Canada, registering an average of 3,000 international students per year. It is consistently rated amongst the top 5 private English Language schools by the Canadian Language Council. The school boasts quality English teachers, all PELSA accredited, English classes beginning weekly, intensive English for youths and executives, homestays, internships, exam preparation, and a host of interactive activities to help students familiarize themselves with the beauty and diversity of Vancouver. CCEL is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, a city consistently rated, by Mercer Human Resource Consulting and the Economist Intelligence Unit, as one of the best cities in the world to live in for its beauty, safety, affordability, mild climate and multiculturalism. The school is located just minutes away from the world-renown Stanley Park, and overlooks Coal Harbor and the mountains. With 7 floors, a student recreation room, roof-top patio, 2 computer labs, 30 classrooms and students from around the world, CCEL is the ideal school for English and Cultural learning.

Room To Read Canada is a registered non-profit organization that raises funds to provide education opportunities for children in developing countries. Currently, support is provided to Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Vietnam and Cambodia. Countries with a desperate lack of resources to educate their own children. The organization believes that world change begins with educated children and education provides individual empowerment so that people can live fulfilled lives. Since its inception in 2000, R2R has impacted 400,000 children’s lives, it has built 100 schools, established over 1,200 libraries, published 23 new local language children’s books, shipped over 440,000 books, established 45 computer and language labs and funded over 850 long-term scholarships for girls. Founded by former Microsoft Executive, John Wood, R2R’s operation is a lean, efficient business with over 90% of all its donations going directly to its projects. John Wood, who left his nine-year career at Microsoft to start a new career running his San Francisco based non-profit group, has been awarded the prestigious Draper Richards Fellowship (the largest fellowship for social entrepreneurs in the US), the Gleitsman Foundation’s Award of Achievement, and Fast Company’s Social Capitalist award. Room To Read Canada’s 2005 fundraising target is $100,000.

By choosing to study English in one of the best cities in the world, at one of the top 5 English Colleges in Canada, English learning students can help make a difference to the lives of children around the world by supporting Room To Read Canada.

Facts – Did you know:
The average person in Cambodia, India, Nepal and Vietnam survives on less than $1 a day?
More than 100 million school-age children in the developing world are not enrolled in primary school?
Over half the children in these countries never have the opportunity to attend secondary school?
Many rural students have to walk as far as 3 hours each way to go to school?
Girls are often not given the opportunity to attend school due to the lack of economic resources and cultural bias?
Of the 850 million illiterate people in the developing world, nearly two-thirds are women.

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