Activities this week

Monday, August 22

Conversation Club  (3:00-4:00, FREE, Meet at eh! Restaurant)


Tuesday, August 23

Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge  (3:00-6:30, FREE, Bring 2 zones bus fare, Meet on the 3rd Floor)


Wednesday, August 24

 Pacific National Exhibition (at Playland)  (4:30-10:30, $20  (Buy your ticket at 711 before and save $3.20), Bring 1 zone bus fare, Meet in front of CCEL)


Thursday, August 25

Canadians Baseball vs. Tri-City  (6:00-10:00, $15, Meet in front of CCEL, 1 zone bus fare, Sign-up with Beck by Tuesday)


Friday, August 26

 Queen Elizabeth Park  (1:00-4:00, FREE, Meet on the 3rd Floor)

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