Students from UDEM leave books behind to start using technology

The University of Monterrey and Canadian College have signed an agreement to work collaboratively with students and teachers from UDEM; implementing the use of a methodology developed by the Canadian institution.

San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, 13 de Noviembre de 2012.- English books will be kept on the shelves.  The students from the University of Monterrey will support their studies only on digital material available on the Internet while still being assisted in their classes by their teachers.

This will be possible thanks to a signed agreement between the university and Canadian College; an institution that operates from Vancouver, Canada. The alliance will allow the community from UDEM to access the Canadian College website and make use of its resources, tools and methodology.

The Canadian institution will provide the proper training to teachers from UDEM in the use of this technology, and the program will be applied as a pilot during the next semester to all students who attend any English course.

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