Speaking Boot Camp – New PM2 class opening March 26, 2012!

“Speaking Boot Camp” will be taught by Geoff in Room 3-4.

Course Objectives
This class is for students who are absolutely committed to improving their speaking fluency. This course will provide students with a fun, focused curriculum that will help them to practice their spoken English and improve their pronunciation. Accuracy will also be stressed, but not at the expense of speaking at natural speed with natural rhythm and intonation.

Are you already in a PM2 class but would like to switch to this new class?  See Beck to sign up!

Are you only studying 24hr/wk but would like to add this new PM2 class to your program?  See your Marketer to sign up!

University of Alberta Student Registration 101 (In Vancouver March 31st)

Registration 101 Workshops are designed to help high school students who have received Early or Final Admission register in their university courses for the 2012-2013 school year. The workshop includes a formal presentation outlining how to navigate the BearTracks system for the purpose of course selection and registration, followed by free time for students to finish their course registration and ask questions.

To attend a Registration 101 session, students required to have the following:

  • Completed an online RSVP at www.ualberta.ca/reg101;
  • Received Early Admission;
  • Received a CCID and password.

More Information