Disabled in Vancouver, Canada – City without Barriers

Disabled FlagVancouver is a leading city when it comes to breaking down barriers for people with physical disabilities. All sidewalks are ramped for wheelchair accessibility, and all buildings have elevators or other devices to allow free movement. Disabled washrooms are readily available as well. There are many organizations and resources in Vancouver that can help new residents learn about opportunities in the community. Continue reading Disabled in Vancouver, Canada – City without Barriers

A view from the top: Exploring B.C. by plane

by Fernanda Fatio de Andrade

For the past 25 years Pacific Coastal Airlines has been operating a fleet of 17 aircraft that fly to 15 locations in British Columbia, some as close as Victoria and some others in very remote locations.

Whether the trip takes 15 minutes or two and a half hours, it is guaranteed that your destination will be very different from Vancouver. For example, during the winter while it is raining in Vancouver, it may be snowing in other regions of British Columbia. In fact, the province has some of the best ski resorts in the world, and winter flights to ski destinations are very popular. If you are a skier, you may be interested in visiting Mount Washington on Vancouver Island. The mountain sees the largest cumulative snowfall in BC – between 500 and 700 cm per annum (per year). From Vancouver you can fly to Comox (also located on Vancouver Island) in 35 minutes and take a short shuttle bus drive to the ski slopes. Continue reading A view from the top: Exploring B.C. by plane

CCEL – Raises Funds For Room To Read

The Canadian College of English Language (CCEL) is pleased to announce its initiatives to raise funds for Room To Read Canada (R2R) to help provide education opportunities for underprivileged children in developing countries. Beginning January 1, 2005, with each new student enrolled at CCEL in Vancouver, a donation will be made to Room To Read Canada. Additionally, CCEL will encourage its students to get involved with other fundraising initiatives as a way to integrate their newly learned language skills into the local culture and to further raise funds for R2R, which will be matched by the college. Continue reading CCEL – Raises Funds For Room To Read