9-Year-Old Piano Prodigy | Ryan Wang // 60 Second Docs

Ryan Wang is a typical 9-year-old boy, with one extreme exception — he’s a world-famous classical piano prodigy. In 2013, when he was just five years old, he performed at Carnegie Hall, and has since made appearances on The Ellen Show and with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. And through it all, Ryan remains a normal kid who loves life offstage, too.

Canada “first choice” for 80% of its foreign students


A survey of more than 1,500 college and university international students in Canada shows that 80% of students had only applied to Canadian institutions for study, a jump from 45% last year and around 50-60% every year since 1999. Opportunities for permanent residency and post-study work were shown to be the most attractive aspects of Canada as a study destination. Contact the Canadian College if you are interested in studying and working in Vancouver, Canada.

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