Self-Cleaning Dishware May Mean No More Mealtime Chores


A super-hydrophobic coating on the dishware repels dirt and water. The coating causes muck from past meals to slide right off, much like water droplets rolling off a lotus leaf. The plate-and-bowl combo is lightweight, malleable and strong — it won’t break even if it’s dropped. This is largely because the dishware is made out of nanocellulose, a super material derived from wood fibers.

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What is Nest? Why did Google buy it for $3.2 Billon

Nest builds products like this thermostat that can be remotely set via your smartphone or tablet to automatically adjust to a particular temperature. It also connects to Wi-Fi to analyze and compare the outside weather with your indoor environment in real-time. The thermostat even has a sensor with a 150-degree range to detect when you’re not home, so it can adjust the temperature accordingly, and save energy.

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Rethink the airline boarding pass


What if a boarding pass made your life easier? These ideas are the result of 14 flights, 14 boarding passes and one, simple question: “How could this experience be better? The solution is by no means perfect and further iterations will see greater levels of refinement. However, as designers our aim should be to question what is otherwise accepted – a relentless mission to better, simply and improve the experiences of other people.

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