Binging with Babish: Curb Your Enthusiasm Special

Larry David fluctuates wildly between flagrantly eschewing and rigorously enforcing cultural mores, all of which frequently revolve around food. Slow ice cream orderers, religiously forbidden chicken, caviar entitlement – they’re all fodder for Larry’s machinations of social upheaval. Just don’t eat the man’s shrimp.

Kids Try 100 Years of Seafood | Bon Appetit

In this episode of “Kids Try”, the kids try 100 years of seafood. Let’s see how the kids react to oysters rockefeller, lobster roll, crab cakes, Manhattan clam chowder, tuna casserole, molded salmon mousse, crab rangoon, clam dip, jambalaya, McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish, popcorn shrimp, California roll sushi, blackened redfish, scallops, tropical shrimp salad, fried calamari, Stargazy pie, baja fish taco, poke bowl, and sushi burrito.

Tiny Foods | Tiny Kitchen // 60 Second Docs

Performance artist and unlikely chef Tom Brown is bringing strangers together around the tiny kitchen, where he’s serving up tiny foods and words of wisdom. Along with his fully functional portable kitchen, Tom has made more than 300 utensils and tools that he uses to cook up real, edible miniature foods. He may be passing out free lunches, but the gifts he gets from his customers are worth all the work.