Binging with Babish: Game of Thrones

This weekend we’re welcoming back the show that has the monopoly on lurid violence, epic battles, and wholly unnecessary nudity: Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin’s ability to describe the crunching of a skull is rivalled only by his ability to describe the crunching of a pastry, so it’s only fitting that this sexy saga is home to some serious food porn. I’m a main character in this show, so my life is decidedly in danger this week.

Pay-It-Forward Pizza | Rosa’s Fresh Pizza // 60 Second Docs

At Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pies aren’t just for paying customers. In a pay-it-forward pizza initiative that began three years ago, people who lunch at the neighborhood pizzeria can donate a dollar and provide a slice for homeless people who otherwise can’t afford it, using a system of Post-It notes to keep track of slices that can be redeemed. So far, says owner Mason Wartman, the community has given away more than 150,000 free slices — plus an immeasurable amount of dignity — to the homeless.

Binging with Babish: Tomate du Saltambique from The West Wing

President Josiah Bartlet, apart from being a charismatic and noble leader of these United States, had a real thing for food. Be it the Butterball turkey hotline or pumpkin soup with cheese gnocchi, the man knew both good policy and food. If only he weren’t a figment of Aaron Sorkin’s imagination, much like this interpretation of Alain Passard’s dessert tomato.

Binging with Babish: Fish Tacos from I Love You, Man

I Love You, Man is a timeless Rudd-Segel vehicle for comedy, romance, bromance, and for a few fleeting and beautiful moments, food porn. Fish tacos are shared amongst bros while they talk about about sex and stuff – don’t you deserve the same? Show your best male-friend how much you care with a plate full of these tacos today.

Bug Chef | David George Gordon // 60 Second Docs

The Bug Chef, aka David George Gordon, released an insect-based cookbook in 1998 and has been cooking with bugs ever since, a traveling chef sautéing scorpions for cheering crowds. Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, two billion people are already eating bugs; Gordon’s just bringing gourmets up to speed. As our population grows another billion in the next 40 years, Gordon warns that humans will have to find alternate protein sources to spare the environment — and he thinks bugs are just the superfood we need.