Animatronic Robot

Hanson Robotics collaborated with researchers at the University of California at San Diego to create this boy robot they’ve named Diego-San.

The face was built by Hanson Robotics, and the body was built by Japan’s Kokoro Co.

Diego-San can see with HD cameras in his eyes, and uses artificial intelligence software “modeled on human babies” so that he learns.

18ft picture of New York from MEMORY

9459_426174504122447_1687128866_nAutistic artist Stephen Wiltshire draws spellbinding 18ft picture of New York from MEMORY,after a 20-MINUTE helicopter ride over city! The unbelievably intricate picture was drawn at Brooklyn’s prestigious Pratt Institute from Stephen’s memory, with details of every building sketched in to scale.

Sand Art

Remember when you were a little kid making sand castles and right when you achieved perfection a giant wave crashed down and ruined everything?
Well, maybe if you had just gotten to finish what you started you would have ended up with something like these mesmerizing sand sculptures by Carl Jara.