Mexico Earthquake Hit My School

Marie was a victim of the Central Mexico (Puebla) Earthquake on September 19th 2017. While so many lost their lives, were injured, or lost their homes and property, Marie was lucky – her house didn’t crumble, just a few cracks here and there, and her loved ones and family were all okay, and obviously, she didn’t die. But it was one of the scariest moments in her life and one she will never forget. This is a scary story, a scary TRUE story.

Baby Animal Rescue // 60 Second Docs

For the last 15 years, Joseph Keter has been rescuing, caring for and returning injured and abandoned animals — mainly orphans whose mothers have died — to the wild. From lions to cheetahs and buffalo to gazelle, Joseph has cared for some of Africa’s most iconic animals. His days may be long and difficult, but when it’s life or death for baby animals on Kenya’s Lake Naivasha, it’s all worth it.

Ocean Defense Kid | Connor Berryhill // 60 Second Docs

Connor Berryhill was only 5 years old when an underwater encounter with an endangered monk seal set him on a path to take care of the world’s most vulnerable creatures. Now 11, he’s taken his small-scale activism big and started his own nonprofit, MicroActivist. Their mission: to connect youth with projects to protect the ocean — and save our planet’s oceans and seas.