Sleeping Baby Giraffe


The tallest living land animal doesn’t sleep as long as other mammals, but they certainly find a weird way of getting comfortable. One study from the University of Zurich found that giraffes also sleep standing up, and the peculiar sleep position seen here isn’t that common.

Hubble Ultra Deep Field


This view of nearly 10,000 galaxies is the deepest portrait of the visible universe ever achieved by humankind. NASA highlighted the darkest, emptiest inch of night sky they could find, and took a 4 month long exposure.  The Ultra Deep Field represents a narrow, deep view of the cosmos, like looking through an eight-foot-long soda straw.

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Forest Giant


Cloaked in the snows of California’s Sierra Nevada, the 3,200-year-old giant sequoia called the President rises 247 feet. Two other sequoias have wider trunks, but none has a larger crown, say the scientists who climbed it. The figure at top seems taller than the other climbers because he’s standing forward on one of the great limbs.

New Zealand Kea in Flight


The Kea is a large species of parrot found in forested and alpine regions of the South Island of New Zealand.  Kea can solve logical puzzles, such as pushing and pulling things in a certain order to get to food, and will work together to achieve a certain objective.  The Kea’s notorious urge to explore and manipulate makes this bird a pest for residents and an attraction for tourists. Called “the clown of the mountains” it will investigate backpacks, boots, or even cars, often causing damage or flying off with smaller items

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