Tree of Life

This giant tree is not the stoutest in the country. There are at least two baobabs with larger trunk diameters – Glencoe Baobab with the incredible diameter of 15.9 metres (unfortunately this tree split into two parts in November 2009) and Sunland Baobab with 10.64 m diameter. But the Sagole tree is the largest one in overall appearance and possibly – the largest one in trunk volume. Tree unites amazing trunk size with a circumference of approximately 32.8 meters (3.) with the significant height of 22 metres.

Diving into the Underwater Ancient City in Qiandao Lake

Qingdao Lake is located in Chun’an County in Hangzhou and is a very popular tourist site in China. For a very long time, nobody knows that there are two underwater cities lying deep under the Qiandao Lake. The two ancient cities, called Chun’an and Sui’an, were built in A.D.208 in the Han Dynasty. The Sui’an ancient city is also known as the Lion City due that there is the Lion Mountain nearby. Sleeping quietly for more than half a century, recently, with the persistent efforts of photographers, the mystery of these thousands years old underwater ancient cities has finally been uncovered.

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Caerlavrock Castle – Scotland


Caerlaverock Castle is a moated triangular castle, first built in the 13th century. It is located 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) south of Dumfries in south-west Scotland, Today, the castle is in the care of Historic Scotland and is a popular tourist attraction.

Bagan – A spiritual awakening in Myanmar

The once isolated nation at the culturally rich crossroads of India and China is a land that imbues even the most jaded traveler with a sense of wonder.

In Myanmar, government reforms since 2010 and the election of democracy activist (and Nobel Peace Prize recipient) Aung San Suu Kyi to parliament have propelled a profoundly gracious land, formerly known as Burma, onto the world stage. It’s about time.

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Quito – The fresh face of Ecuador’s old city

Surrounded by bunches of bright sunflowers and chamomile, Rosa Lagla gently performs soul-cleansing limpia treatments in a market just a few blocks from Plaza de San Francisco, hub of Quito’s restored Old Town. Rubbing handfuls of stinging nettles, sweet herbs, and rose petals into the skin drives out bad energy, she says, working the plants to a pulp. With botanicals brimming from plastic bags, Lagla brings the Andean healing practice to guests of the newly restored Casa Gangotena on the plaza. Healer and hotel span two worlds, the traditional and the modern, both reinvigorating this city of 1.6 million.

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