February 29th is Pink T-Shirt Day!!!!!!

  • This Wednesday join CCEL and Canadian College in the fight to stand up against bullying!
  • Pink T-shirt day is a celebrated event around the world that represents how the we will fight against bullying; not only physically but religiously, economically, emotionally, and verbally as well.
  • CCEL and Canadian College challenges its students to wear pink on February 29th, 2012 along with  other people in the world to show how we feel about this issue.
  • At 10:10 on the roof everyone wearing pink will go to the  roof to have our pictures taken! Join us!
  • WHEN: Wednesday February 29, 2010
  • WHAT: The Pink T-shirt represents how people all around the world will stand up to bullies!
  • WHO: Students! Teachers! Administrators! We will ALL wear pink that day!!!

CLUB ESL Presents: The Rock Mountains Tour this weekend!!!!

  • Club ESL is taking students from all over Vancouver to the Rocky Mountains this weekend for an amazing trip!
  • The Rocky Mountains are an amazing scene known all over the world that people should not leave Canada without seeing!
  • The Cost of the tour begins at $335 which includes breakfast, transportation, hotel, snow tubing (SOOO FUN!!!)
  • Dates are: Friday, Feb 24 – Monday Feb 27
  • If you cannot make this trip and are interested. There is another trip coming up on March 9.  BOOK NOW!!!!!!

***For more information Come and see David on the 4th floor***

SMRT Curriculum to be used by 10,000 students in Cesues University’s in Sonora, Mexico.

August 2012 will mark the start of a new partnership between CESUES and Canadian College of English Language. Over the next four years CESUES will use the CCEL SMRT curriculum to deliver English instruction to all new students entering into the university on all of their campuses in the state of Sonora, Mexico.

Over the next four years it is estimated that 10,000 students will have use the SMRT curriculum to improved their English language. This will help build a strong level of confidence amongst the students in using English for work, for conversation and for academic purposes.

The vision Lic.Samuel Espinosa Guillen, the Rector of CESUES, has is for all CESUES graduates to be competent in the use of the English Language when they leave the university and join the workforce. Hence, the formation of this partnership between CESUS and Canadian College of  English Language.  Lic. Ana Sesma of Mundo Posible made this possible because of the close ties she has with CESUES and Canadian College of English Language.

The SMRT curriculum is a proprietary Internet based curriculum developed by the Canadian College of English Language to enable English Teachers to achieve higher pass rates amongst their students.

Blog post (Spanish) by CESUES University http://www.cesues.edu.mx/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=589&Itemid=76