Cultural Dessert – Chocolate Fondue

When we got to the restaurant, the waiter had to move some tables to sit everybody, because we were a group of 16 students! We ordered something to drink and, when the hot chocolate and the fruits arrived, everybody grabbed their fork and started eating without wasting time: we were hungry! It was an all-you-can-eat restaurant, so everybody refilled their pot at least twice. We had a great time there: it was very nice talking to each other while enjoying the fondue!
Chocolate Fondue.JPG

Culture Dinner – Chinese Hot Pot

Thursday evening we went to a Chinese Hot Pot restaurant. As the weather was a little bit chili, it was just the right time for Hot pot! We had a double-pot (spicy and not spicy) and plates of meat, sea food and veggies (it was an all-you-can-eat restaurant!). Everybody enjoyed the Hot Pot and sang along with the Chinese music played in the restaurant. “Let’s sleep here and keep on tomorrow!” One of the twins said. We were soooo full when we walked out of the restaurant, and that was 2 hours later.
Hot Pot.JPG IMG_2164.JPG lots of food.JPG the twins.JPG

CCEL Conversation Club

Want to Practice Speaking English?

CCEL Conversation Club on Friday afternoons is a great way to practice speaking in a relaxed setting.
You are invited to join our free ESL Conversation Club to practice your English language skills. A Canadian native speaker hosts a conversation club where students practice their English once a week. This club provides an opportunity to make new friends and practice speaking English. Students learn new vocabulary, popular idioms, and how to carry on conversations.

• See Zach on the 3rd floor to sign up.
• Friday Afternoon for one hour.
• Limited to 15 students

Go Canucks Go!!

The Vancouver Canucks hockey team are on their way to wining the Stanley Cup. CCEL students join in the celebrations as our team wins the series over the the Dallas Stars.

The Canucks are now 5-4 in seven-game series. The Stars are just the third club Vancouver has eliminated since 1994. The Canucks visit the Anaheim Ducks tomorrow to begin the Western conference semifinal.

Vancouver Canucks

Three lucky CCEL students (Alejandro, Federico and Vivian) met Canucks Head Coach (Alain Vigneault) while shopping at Safeway.

Canucks head Coach

Amusement Park Day

altogether.JPG we are going to get on this.JPG IMG_1857.JPG MERVE got a HUGE blue frog.JPG IMG_1838.JPG IMG_1835.JPG
On March 21st, Wednesday, we went to an indoor Carnival at BC Place. It was an exciting and multi-colored world. We took the item called “1001” which rushed to the top of a circle and halted there for a while; a revolving machine which spinned more crazy than we had thought; a totally up-side-down machine…We also went in a mirror house; played Peng-peng Cars together…At the end, we played small games and won a huge blue frog. So much surprise that day!