World’s Most Expensive Chocolate Bar

Wispa Gold chocolate which is wrapped in an edible golden wrapper and has a net worth of $1,628.
Cadbury has revitalized the Wispa Gold to enter the record books as the most expensive chocolate bar in the world. Wrapped in edible gold leaf and sheathed in a gold leaf wrapper, the special edition (55p) of the yummy chocolate will be delivered by none other than Tony Hadley, the singer with Spandau Ballet whose biggest hit was “Gold,” at Selfridges in London. Priced at £961.48 ($1,628),
YouTube : Most Expensive Chocolate “Whispa Gold”

Here’s the Surface tablet I really want!

Some Australian dude upgraded his Surface table (which ran a special version of Windows 7) to regular Windows 8 — and here’s what it looks like.
What’s the matter with you, Microsoft? Are you going to wait until Apple has a giant touch desktop on the market for four years before you try to enter the market?

Man with first mind-controlled bionic leg climbs Chicago’s 103-story Willis Tower

31 year-old Zac Vawter made history on Sunday when he became the first person to scale the 103 flights of stairs in Chicago’s Willis Tower with a mind-controlled robotic leg, reports the Associated Press. The artificial limb takes advantage of targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR), a technique that connects nerves severed in an amputation to other, viable muscles. In Vawter’s case, the nerves that would ordinarily control his missing lower leg have been rerouted to his hamstring, whose electrical impulses are converted into control signals that move his prosthesis.

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Thompson Rivers University Tour

  • This is a great opportunity to see what the University has to offer.
  • The Tour includes:
  • 8:00am Meet at the Hyatt Hotel on Burrard St. ( Beside Burrard Skytrain station)
  • 9:30am Breakfast on the bus (included in tour)
  • 12:30pm Arrive at Thompson Rivers University
  •  12:30 – 1:30pm $5 Lunch at our International Building
  • 1:30 – 2:30pm Meet TRU officials and Presentation of courses and requirements
  • 2:30 – 4:15pm Campus Tour (Residence, Library, fitness facilties, classrooms, student buildings, etc)
  • 4:30pm Bus departs to Vancouver
  • 9:00pm Arrival at Hyatt Hotel


*** If you are interested or have any questions, please talk to Jasmin, David or Samer. All can be found at the 4th floor

The Solar Powered Ship

On Sept 27, 2010, the MS Turanor PlanetSolar set sail from the port of Monaco to become the first solar-powered ship to circumnavigate the globe. On May 6, 2012, 587 days, 28 countries, 3 oceans, 11 seas and 60,006 km later, the PlanetSolar team achieved just that.

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