Cultural day 2012

  • Be part of the experience Friday, July 13th!
  • Students of CCEL are organizing a day where the different cultures of the world are celebrated for everyone to enjoy!
  • Come and enjoy the food, music, customs, and art of countries from all around the world!
  • This is a students based event and we need YOU to be part of it!
  • If you are interested in representing your country please go and see David on the 4th floor!

New Hospitality Service Training Elective starting July 16th

Hospitality Service Training (HST)

HST is designed for students wishing to acquire knowledge of the functional English and practical hospitality skills required for employment in a café, bar or restaurant. Hands-on practice in addition to supervised practical training are included.

Students completing the 4-week HST program will acquire:

  • Barista skills
  • Bar service skills
  • Customer service skills
  • The Serving It Right (SIR) Certificate *
  • *SIR is the official responsible beverage service program in British Columbia